A new begining :)

Posted: October 26, 2011 in PR Online

After approximately 2 years of blogging on WordPress I’ve moved to an owned domain.

I invite you to check my new blog www.mariusbuterchi.com.


The approach for succesful camaugn si to live above the company and its products. Don’t think at the company or the products qualities, think about the impact they have in the people lifes. Add value to your brand through a cause, that’s how people will follow you.

If your brand it’s an outlaw, speak for those who think different, the rebels, the misfits, those who see the world differently and give them the oportunity to show others who they are by using your products. Apple did it. MiniOne did it. Tell people WHY you do your products and not What you are doing or How are you doing it.

Give people a symbol so that they can find more easily those who belive what they belive. And what’s more important make them feel they belong.

The digital environment is still in transition, we don’t know what will become for sure nor how it will rock our way of leaving but we can be sure of one thing the changes that are happening in the communication industry are for good.

Sure the communication is still about content, credibility, and trust … about influencing those who influence others … about understanding and leveraging context … and about managing reputation by managing relationships through dialogue and interaction. But our customers are in completely different places and can’t be reached through traditional means.

Smart marketers are using mobile apps to connect with customers and potential customers in ways never seen before. Interested in find more about this topic? Join the web seminar organized by markedu.com. The speakers will be: Sebastian Vaduva, the co-founder of Appscend, and Øystein Svarød, the owner of Svaröd Direct AS.

Some of the companies are approaching the new mass communication channel through free-for-all communication channels. This strategy works for companies with small budgets, but long term success is rarely found in a free-for-all approach.

For a successful communication campaign you have to mix all the communication channels, taking in consideration the target, your location and the ROI, you need to have qualitative owned, paid and generated content, in different forms: text, video, audio. The use of the latest tools is very important in raising awareness towards your campaign. Read my post on Appscend blog …

The large adoption of smartphones has transformed our everyday life from the way we connect with the information to the way entertain ourselves. We read on smartphones, play on smartphones, listen music on smartphones and, sometimes, we even use them to call people.

When it comes to browsing the net we use apps more and more frequently because they provide us greater usability and better overall user experience. Mobile web browsers are no doubt evolving, however, there are still elements which make web browser based applications in most cases unsuitable, or user interfaces sub-optimal for mobile screens. Read my post on Appscend blog …

Globally speaking, mobile marketing revenues are increasing at a rapid pace, and most of the mobile marketing practices have not even reached their full potential yet. According to eMarketer the total mobile ad spending Worldwide climbed up to USD 13.8 billion from USD 1.5 billion in 2006 and the estimates are showing that the high increase rate will continue. According to the same source by 2014 is expected to grow with 44%, year over year growth rate applied to investments. Read my post on Appscend blog …

Mobile users are upping their use of local content, by 34% year over year. While browser usage still dominates, its popularity dropped slightly in 2011 to 73%. On the other hand apps registered a large increase from 42% in 2010 to 56% in 2011, according to eMarketer. Read my post on Appscend blog …